Protect your investment with Big Sky Harley-Davidson

Protect Your Investment

Protect your investment with Big Sky Harley-Davidson

Vehicle Service Contract

  • Provides financial protection for parts and labor costs to repair
  • Good for use in the United States and Canada
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Higher resale value for your bike

Tire & Wheel

  • Replaces you tire or wheel due to damage from road hazards
  • Covers the cost of mounting, balancing, and valve stems.
  • Pickup reimbursement

Priority Customer Maintenance Plan

  • Priority scheduling of service appointment within 48 hours
  • Service at 1000 and every 2500 miles for 3 years (unlimited mileage)
  • Free battery replacement if fails(even if customer caused failure)
  • Includes Harley-Davidson® Syn 3 oil
  • Free wash and detail with service
  • FREE Rental while bike is in service(based on availability)
  • Free pickup in local area
  • Buy at todays prices - You are immune to increased price of parts or labor
  • Ability to budget service costs at time of purchase
  • Availability of service history for your bike required for warranty service
  • FREE winter storage (Why keep in your garage )


  • Pays the difference between what your insurance company pays you and what you owe to your lender if your bike is totaled or stolen


  • Protects your paint for 5 years from damage resulting from:
  • Acid rain
  • Insects(grasshopper season in Montana!)
  • Tree Sap
  • Road Salt
  • Bird Waste
  • UV Damage
  • Covers leather seat from fading and cracking
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